The lights are dimming

I’m sorry to report that Burning Willow Press, publisher of my book “Manleigh Cheese,” will be ceasing active operations soon. This is a tough thing for all concerned, especially for the owners, because no one could love BWP as much as they do.

I was one of their first contracts, so I got there almost as soon as they opened the doors. It is fitting that I’m here when they dim the lights, and I’m going to miss my stool at this comfy bar. I might try to bring it home with me.

Small press authors don’t often make gobs of money, or enough to cover that pumpkin spice latte, but we do make friends. I’ve made quite a few at BWP. I am richer for that, and for the experiences I’ve had as one of BWP’s authors.

For me, not much changes. They have my contracts until they expire, and I am good with that. Unfortunately, it does also mean that my fantasy novella will have to find another home, or be self-published. I think it will be the latter, rather than the former.

Change is the constant of the universe, and sometimes those changes are sad.

To my publisher: you did good and I respect you. You’re still my people. I have no regrets.

Pass the nachos, I’m going to grab another Diet Coke. I want to hear “We are the Champions” one last time before we all go home.