That old time religion

My new book “Bleeding the Little Lambs” is full of a hodgepodge of religious…stuff. There are archangels, demons, visiting holy people, and themes of Ultimate Good vs. Ultimate Evil. There’s God, in the form of the source of all goodness, and loads of other things as well. At first, it might seem as though it’s Christian-leaning…but then it isn’t.

Which leads me to why I’m writing this post. Someone asked me about whether or not I’d done my research on religion. (The conversation also encompassed how much sex or swearing the text contains. Neat stuff!)

Let’s take on that question. You could say I’ve done my research. I almost became a priest, and was pretty solid on my Vatican II liturgy in my youth. I’d count that as practical experience and research.

In college, I spent my required Philosophy courses in Comparative Religion. This means I know enough to get myself in trouble ANYWHERE. I’ve also read, and still own, an approved concordance of the Holy Qu’ran.

In my time, I’ve also dabbled in Wicca, Voodoo, and had some unsettling paranormal experiences. (Don’t ask me what evil feels like. Ok?)

I’ve excommunicated myself so many times that I’ve lost count. I’m also a Universal Life Church-ordained person. I don’t use it, but there you go.

What I’m getting at is that I feel I’ve got some credit hours in religion. You may agree, or you may not. Regardless, what I have learned, seen, and done, informs my personal set of roaming beliefs.

As you would expect, my personal spirituality is reflected in my work. ESPECIALLY in the Alexa Hernandez books. The books are also informed by Alexa’s probable upbrining as a Latina. She was probably raised Catholic, much like I was, so you’re going to get Christian ways of interpreting what she’s seeing and doing.

However, this is where my personal spirituality intrudes. My God actually gets credit for being all-powerful, and doesn’t make mistakes. My God knows what’s going on and it’s supposed to be this way. If it wasn’t, God would handle that shit.

I believe that all faiths have a place (and have, or do exist), and are diverse because God wants it that way. This is why you’re going to run into angels, demons, prophets, deities from other religions than Christianity, and so much more, in the Alexa Hernandez books. God made them, and God isn’t wrong…he just made A LOT of stuff…and will sort it all out if it doesn’t like how things are going.

Honestly, as far as my books go, I’m God. The books are this way because I want them to be. It is a universe that I created…Deep, James. Deep.

What I hope is that anyone who reads these books (the one that’s out now, and the two that are coming) has a good time. Don’t think to hard about the philosophy, religion, or lack thereof. I already did it.