One of the best things…

…about being an author is that you’re free to be absurd.

Bleeding the Little Lambs has some very lighthearted elements. I feel that’s necessary to offset awful things. If there’s a common element to everything I’ve written, this is it.

Here’s a great example: the Demon of Acquisition. In the book, they’re described like this…

In a mall, you’ll see Demons of Acquisition. In the hierarchy, they fall under Inconsequential. They’re a little like poltergeists, and their goal is to soil your immortal soul by making you run up your credit cards, waste money, and commit petty theft. Many of them inhabit mannequins and store displays. I’m pretty sure Apple hires them under the table. “

Personally, I think they’re standing outside Cinnabon, wafting the aroma of baked calories at us. “Consume! Consume,” they whisper.

Tell me you don’t agree.

These guys aren’t an important, but they do establish the hierarchy of demons and tell you a little about the environment Alexa inhabits. Yes, they’re also absurd.

I like them, and I hope readers do, too.