You can find me on Instagram as “pensloth” but you won’t see much about writing. I use that platform for fountain pen stuff and illustrations. One of the “just a one-panel comic about nothing” is #santogordo. It’s a loose collection of comics about Sloth (a writer with a fountain pen problem), Clive the capybara, Yeti the Yeti, and Tinty the octocorn. As you can imagine, they’ve got very unique personalities.

(I’m going to confess that I’m WAY behind on the Santo Gordo stuff.)

You’ll also find Ghoulette and her one-panel comic. She’s a ghoul girl based on some Japanese horror movies. You’ll probably know who. Her concept started out as an unofficial mascot for Goulet Pens and grew from there.

Up until recently, the illustrations have all been done with fountain pens and fountain pen ink. I just started switching over to watercolor and find I’m enjoying that more. It’s certainly easier than carrying around 30 pens.

May is “Mermay” on Instagram, where artists post mermaids and mermaid versions of their characters. I participate sometimes, and posted an image of Sloth swimming, surprised to discover his new tail.

sloth for mermay

That’s the thing about creative pursuits, especially in the Pandemic Year, you have to make it fun.

Be creative. Have fun. Be safe.