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Hi. I’m James Crawford, author of the Blood Soaked Trilogy, and Bleeding the Little Lambs. I’m also a fountain pen fanatic and artist.

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charades and revelations cover

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Charades and Revelations is the second book in the Alexa Hernandez trilogy. Read it today!

Alexa Hernandez, Knight of the Right Hand, faces more challenges than she has ever confronted. There are new enemies at the door; looming death at the claws of Orzon, the most dangerous demon she has ever faced; and possessed crazy people making trouble.

That’s enough, right? No.

Veronica Sophia Maria Isabella Hernandez has arrived. She is the Excellencia of the Right Hand, Alexa’s boss, her mother, and the most powerful human being in the world. At her side is Marvelle Johnson, the prophet mime.

His routines may reveal the Left Hand’s plans and they are coming to kill him to keep him quiet. He must be protected at all cost—the Right Hand depends on it. He wishes he had stayed in Paris.

Alexa must do what no one else can, go where few mortals have, because life, death, and the truth behind the charades, are at stake.