Hobbies or Blog?

That’s why I’m never updating this website. I’m too busy writing and working on other projects.

I realize that keeping a blog updated is central to being an author, but it doesn’t interest me. I want to tell the stories, not pontificate about them or other topics that I can pull out of thin air. When there’s something worth saying, I’ll say it.

Almost every time, I’ll choose the hobbies over blogging. Blogging feels like work, and I’ve got enough of that already.

That being said, I can at least give you a little update. Alexa Hernandez 3, “Wearing the Flesh of Evil,” is currently being edited. Once that’s done, I’ll lean towards getting a cover done, and then put it out there.

It’s an excellent follow-up to the previous novel. You’ll agree.

I am writing book 4 longhand. No, really. It feels much more immediate than typing and puts an editing stage between me and the keyboard.

I hope your 2022 has started off well and that you’re staying healthy.


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