Ghoulishly Teaching

Ghoulishly Teaching Cover
Ghoulette is a teacher at a rather odd school. You never know who the students will be or where they come from.

Ghoulishly Teaching

I started with 1-panel comics of Ghoulette a couple of years ago
on my Instagram feed. However, something changed during the
during the coronavirus pandemic, I started doing illustrations of
Ghoulette as a teacher, rather than just a prankster.

Something about the paintings conjured up a desire to do
something with them instead of posting them on the internet.
Ultimately, I decided to make this book and give it away to
teachers. Think of it as my way to offer respect and gratitude for
all that you do. Pass along a copy to your peers, too.

I hope everyone enjoys Ghoulette as much as I do.

Best wishes,
James Crawford, June 2020

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