You’ve probably noticed, if you’ve been here before, that I’ve deleted a lot of material from the past. I don’t feel it’s particularly pertinent to my present life as a writer, hobbyist, and just in general.

I recently started a YouTube channel about stationery, fountain pens, and DIY. Part of the reason that I have time to do that is I’m back in job hunting mode. The last job was really eating into my personal life and stressing me out in bad ways. While the pandemic year isn’t the best time for a job search, it isn’t much worse than usual.

There’s another project that I’m working on, but the plans are in flux. I’ve mentioned the Ghoulette illustrations in Instagram before, but this time I’m taking her in a new direction. The theme is teaching school, and I’m doing the art in watercolor instead of fountain pen. What I hope to do is make an e-book out of them and give them to teachers for free. It’s fun!

One way or another, I’ll keep working on things, including edits for Alexa’s next two books. Book 2 Charades and Revelations should come out this fall.

That’s all there is to report today.

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