Pens are a Passion

I may have mentioned that I’m a fountain pen user. More than that, I’m probably a fanatic. My local pen store, Bertram’s Inkwell, has more of my money than I’m going to admit to. I’m okay with that. Supporting small businesses is very important, especially when they’re one of the most valuable local resources for… Continue reading Pens are a Passion

Is it time for Blood Soaked and Writing to start over?

I think about this periodically because the Blood Soaked trilogy doesn’t define me like it used to. I’ve written other things, like the first Alexa Hernandez book I released in November 2019, and I feel more attached to this work. Mind you, I’ll never forget Frank and everyone from my first trilogy, but their story… Continue reading Is it time for Blood Soaked and Writing to start over?

The Virus Year

I do not like being under “stay at home” orders. I especially don’t like that the end of that period is a moving target. On the other hand, I really don’t want to deal with a potentially fatal illness. A friend of mine, her husband, and daughter, contracted COVID-19. Thank goodness, they recovered. The story… Continue reading The Virus Year

That old time religion

My new book “Bleeding the Little Lambs” is full of a hodgepodge of religious…stuff. There are archangels, demons, visiting holy people, and themes of Ultimate Good vs. Ultimate Evil. There’s God, in the form of the source of all goodness, and loads of other things as well. At first, it might seem as though it’s… Continue reading That old time religion

Alexa Hernandez is here!

It’s taken a while, but the book is live. Here is little advance feedback… “James Crawford’s quirky wit and imagination mesh remarkably well in this action-packed clash of angelic and demonic forces. James does a wonderful job painting a vivid picture of the epic struggle between good and evil using rhyming prose to hilarious effect,… Continue reading Alexa Hernandez is here!

Two posts in one day

I just received the dissolution agreement for “Manleigh Cheese”. It’s unfortunate, but you really have to sign things like that. I plan to take the book off the market. That is a relief in some ways, because the sequels I planned never materialized. It was out there hanging in the breeze incomplete, and I have… Continue reading Two posts in one day

The lights are dimming

I’m sorry to report that Burning Willow Press, publisher of my book “Manleigh Cheese,” will be ceasing active operations soon. This is a tough thing for all concerned, especially for the owners, because no one could love BWP as much as they do. I was one of their first contracts, so I got there almost… Continue reading The lights are dimming


I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it: I dislike having to deal with an author website. My job involves a lot of web upkeep, and I’d rather pursue my hobbies. By the way, if you haven’t seen my Instagram @pensloth, you really ought to. I’m behind on “Bleeding the Little Lambs,” and the… Continue reading Websites


I continue to be absent from this blog, and I do feel a little guilty. I may have mentioned before that I’m a communication professional in my day job, and that leaves me with little desire to do it in my free time. There’s a lot of creative attention deficit going on as well. Cartooning… Continue reading Howdy

Cover reveal!

Crossroads in the Dark IV: Ghosts Series: Crossroads in the Dark Anthology, Volume 4 Genres: Horror, Thriller, Suspense Release Date: December 1, 2018 Cover Design: Bachman Designs Publisher: Burning Willow Press Pre-Order: Pre-orders will be available soon, sign up to be notified. You attend a funeral of a friend, one who decided that living was… Continue reading Cover reveal!