The first Kissaki 2 gold nib

I have been deeply afraid of working with gold nibs as a base for stacking projects. The spectre of melting holes in nibs that cost so much money haunts me. But, you know, you have to do things that scare you or you’ll never move beyond it. What you’re looking at here is my first… Continue reading The first Kissaki 2 gold nib

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Bock Nib Number One

I decided to get my hands on some Bock nibs to see how they work for stacking in comparison to the Jowo nibs that I normally use. The short answer is that they work really well, in fact they’ve got one characteristic that makes them very interesting. These nibs are completely unmarked. They don’t have… Continue reading Bock Nib Number One

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A Superb Kissaki 2

Sometimes, you make a perfect nib. This Kissaki 2 may be the very best architect grind nib I have ever made. I changed my construction style and I didn’t even need an adjustment weld to make it work smoothly. It’s smooth, accurate, has good flow, and has a useful range of horizontal strokes. Yeah, it’s… Continue reading A Superb Kissaki 2

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I have a YouTube channel!

If you’re interested in fountain pens, nibs, reviews, and who knows what else I’ll post about, check out my channel!

The Kissaki 5 Layer

In my last nib post, I showed a Kissaki 5-layer nib. It is named after the point of a katana, a Samurai’s sword. I didn’t want to get too technical by using other terms for specific sword styles, so I stuck with “kissaki”. Currently, I’m making 2, 3, 4, and 5-layer styles. I think it… Continue reading The Kissaki 5 Layer

Pens are a Passion

I may have mentioned that I’m a fountain pen user. More than that, I’m probably a fanatic. My local pen store, Bertram’s Inkwell, has more of my money than I’m going to admit to. I’m okay with that. Supporting small businesses is very important, especially when they’re one of the most valuable local resources for… Continue reading Pens are a Passion