Gringo not Latino

There’s no arguing. I am not Latino. I am Scottish/Irish (so says Ancestry’s DNA test). That being said, why did I choose to write a Latinx character, Alexa Hernandez, for my recent novels? Isn’t that cultural appropriation? The first question has a long-ish answer. It begins with my wife. Although, she was my girlfriend when… Continue reading Gringo not Latino

Can we get a Dictionary?

Bleeding the Little Lambs twists language a bit, and there’s no written dictionary. Angels and demons have their own mother tongues, Angelic and Low Angelic, respectively. For the most part, these languages don’t have direct translations. My thought was to make their languages completely understandable by any person in any country. This happens through an… Continue reading Can we get a Dictionary?

Good morning from Mexico

We’re on the hind end of our Christmas vacation, visiting with my wife’s family in Gomez Palacio. It’s been wonderful, both from a family perspective and as a culinary adventure. Honestly, I don’t think we understand Mexican food on the East Coast of the USA. Believe me, that’s a pity. Anyhow, I’ve been able to… Continue reading Good morning from Mexico

One of the best things…

…about being an author is that you’re free to be absurd. Bleeding the Little Lambs has some very lighthearted elements. I feel that’s necessary to offset awful things. If there’s a common element to everything I’ve written, this is it. Here’s a great example: the Demon of Acquisition. In the book, they’re described like this…… Continue reading One of the best things…

Time flies

Yes, I’ve been my usual absent-to-the-blog author. I can’t say that I’ve got excuses as much as good reasons. In late December into early January, Rachel and I went to London for vacation, and it was fantastic. We made some amazing memories and met up with C.C. Adams, another (local) horror author, and closely listened… Continue reading Time flies