Cat Rescue Fail

Since I left my job in April, I’ve been feeding our local feral cat population. That’s also included working on socializing them. This has been a challenge and a joy. One of the cats, Moon (my name for her), was pregnant at the time. I decided that I’d take the kittens to King Street Cats… Continue reading Cat Rescue Fail


You’ve probably noticed, if you’ve been here before, that I’ve deleted a lot of material from the past. I don’t feel it’s particularly pertinent to my present life as a writer, hobbyist, and just in general. I recently started a YouTube channel about stationery, fountain pens, and DIY. Part of the reason that I have… Continue reading Content

Is it time for Blood Soaked and Writing to start over?

I think about this periodically because the Blood Soaked trilogy doesn’t define me like it used to. I’ve written other things, like the first Alexa Hernandez book I released in November 2019, and I feel more attached to this work. Mind you, I’ll never forget Frank and everyone from my first trilogy, but their story… Continue reading Is it time for Blood Soaked and Writing to start over?