Cat Rescue Fail

Since I left my job in April, I’ve been feeding our local feral cat population. That’s also included working on socializing them. This has been a challenge and a joy.

One of the cats, Moon (my name for her), was pregnant at the time. I decided that I’d take the kittens to King Street Cats when they were old enough to be separated from her and could be trapped.

So Far, So Good, Eh.

We managed to capture Angus, the little black kitten. Getting the other two didn’t prove to be possible at that time. Ritz (tuxedo cat) scratching the fuck out of Rachel and me was quite possible, and happened.

The original plan was to capture them all and take them to KSC, but they were kind enough to accept Angus by himself, which they did.


With some effort, the following week, we managed to get Ritz and Sparky. No blood was shed this time.

Our intention was to hand them off to KSC the next morning. Ah, that didn’t happen. We fell in love with the little guys and kept them.

The Saga Begins

This Friday, the little guys get their shots and we start the introduction process with Sandy and Bumble. I expect a bit of a challenge, but that’s normal. The important thing is that the little boys are happy and like us.

As an aside, I still feed their mom everyday. She is not keen on being socialized, but we do chat from a distance and I update her on how the boys are doing. She seems to appreciate that.

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