Can we get a Dictionary?

Bleeding the Little Lambs twists language a bit, and there’s no written dictionary. Angels and demons have their own mother tongues, Angelic and Low Angelic, respectively. For the most part, these languages don’t have direct translations.

My thought was to make their languages completely understandable by any person in any country. This happens through an individual’s experience of being spoken to over time. So, early in your relationship with an angel, you might hear “The crow flies at midnight. A common man sat tonight,” and it will mean nothing at all. Later on, you’ll understand that your paranormal companion told you that your fly is down and your underwear is dirty.

Moreover, everyone hears angelic nonsense in their own native language; the same goes for Low Angelic.

There are four things angels say in Bleeding the Little Lambs that have direct translations. They are:

“Dome of corn smut.” That’s “thank you.”

“Corn smut my face.” That’s “you’re welcome.”

“Rolling fart.” That’s “everything will be alright.”

“Poodle!” That’s usually “Fuck!” or “Son of a bitch!”

Make no mistake, celestial beings (who can speak) are fluent in Earth’s languages, they just choose not to communicate with us that way. Why? They’re jerks.