Bumble, Suddenly Lap Cat

Last year, Rachel and I adopted a cat from a no-kill shelter nearby. They specialize in hard-to-adopt and special needs cats. We were specifically looking for an older cat as a companion to Sandy. We had recently lost our girl, Koya, to cancer, and Sandy needed someone his age (he was 11 then).

We found Bumble on King Street Cats’s website, and he seemed like a good candidate. Here’s his page, and Rachel’s more complete post about our story with him.

As you read, we brought him home. It was a bit of a challenge. Sandy wasn’t quite sure how to deal with the addition, but they warmed up to one another and are now great friends.

Rachel’s post talks about Bumble’s developments over the past year, but there have been more since that post was written.

I never believed Bumble would accept sitting in our laps. Five days ago, he proved me wrong and I actually wept a little. Our frightened boy took a new step in trust and love.

bumble in my lap
Bumble finds my lap more than acceptable

It was and still is, amazing, every time I have him in my lap. He will now ASK to be picked up. After this photo was taken, I started to brush him and he made it very clear that he was enjoying himself.

You hear how adopting an animal will change their life, but it also changes yours. This boy has enriched my life in ways I never imagined. I strongly suggest that you adopt, don’t shop, when you’re looking for an addition to your family.

Sandy and James
I can’t leave Sandy out of this post.

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