Bock Nib Number One

bock nib number one

I decided to get my hands on some Bock nibs to see how they work for stacking in comparison to the Jowo nibs that I normally use. The short answer is that they work really well, in fact they’ve got one characteristic that makes them very interesting.

These nibs are completely unmarked. They don’t have a manufacturer’s stamp or width mark. From a maker’s perspective, that’s really cool. If I had an electro-chem marking system, I’d be free to put anything I want on that surface.

Plus, it polishes like a dream.

The nib you see in the photo is a more angular version of a Naginata Togi grind. It has the typical line widths, F, M, and B, on vertical strokes, and nice variation for horizontal lines. I used the stock feed, because two-layer nibs seldom need extra flow to keep them going.

I also made a wet architect version (not shown here) that I’m pretty fond of.

Long story short, I’m very pleased, will make more in the future and put them up for sale. In the meantime, I’m testing them like mad by taking notes and scribbling a lot.

Watch the site for more updates!

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