Bleeding the Little Lambs

Bleeding the Little Lambs…innocent people are dying in Northern Virginia. The forces of evil are getting out of line and somebody needs to kick some asses and take some names. That’s Alexa’s job.

Alexa Hernandez is a Knight of the Right Hand. She stands between you and the forces of evil who corrupt your soul and think that you’d make a yummy appetizer. The Sword of Final Banishment is at her side. Angels who won’t speak English are watching over her, and her mother is being nosy from thousands of miles away.

Just step back and let her waste that demon, even if you can’t see it happening. She’s there for you.

Here’s what Mark Reefe, author of The Road to Jericho, has to say about Bleeding the Little Lambs

James Crawford’s quirky wit and imagination mesh remarkably well in this action-packed clash of angelic and demonic forces. James does a wonderful job painting a vivid picture of the epic struggle between good and evil using rhyming prose to hilarious effect, but it is the heart injected into this story that kept me turning pages late at night.

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