Available Nibs

These nibs, except for the Warbird and Kabe-Tama style, are based on the work of Nagahara-sensei, formerly of Sailor Pens in Japan. The goal of the modifications and additions is to create a nib that has variable line widths depending on the angle of the nib against the paper. I make these exclusively out of steel Jowo #6 nibs. They will fit standard pens that accept Jowo #6 unless stated otherwise.

If you are interested in one of the nibs featured here, contact me with the form below.

Nibs for sale

Please use the contact form to reach me if you are interested in any of the nibs, or have questions.
Nib TypeDescriptionPrice
Jowo #6Kissaki 2$150
Jowo #6Kissaki 2, Nagahara welds$150
Jowo #6Kissaki 2, sharp grind$150
Jowo #6Kissaki 2 Soul Architect$185
Jowo #6Kissaki 2, sharp grind$150
Jowo #6Kabe-Tama 5mm$150
Jowo #6Kissaki 2, short grind$150


Warranty – I will refund your money or replace the nib at my discretion if the nib(s) is returned to me within three months of purchase. If I determine, upon receipt of the nib, that damage was caused by user error, attempts to alter the nib, or accident, within that three month period, no refund will be offered.

Should you decide to have a nib altered by a recognized nibmeister with that three month period, I request that he/she/they email me directly to explain what changes were made. My decision to refund your money is dependent on that certification.

Experimental nibs – Please understand, all experimental nibs will be offered in writing condition, but the nature of experiments is that they occasionally fail. They do not carry a warranty of any kind. This also includes nibs that have received custom tipping.

If you are interested in one of these nibs, fill out the form below.

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