Shutting the site down

I’m going to be shutting this site down and letting the aether have the domain name. My writing and I have taken a different direction and this site and domain no longer suit it. Plus, I hate updating blogs. It might be an annoying change for some, but it is the best one for me.… Continue reading Shutting the site down


Neither Good nor Bad

The spot where stories were is empty. There’s a book that is unfinished, but I don’t feel the need to finish it. In fact, I’m considering unpublishing my self-published books. This isn’t good or bad; it just is. I feel like my decade + 2 years of being an author has come to a close.… Continue reading Neither Good nor Bad



I have been more than absent from this blog, and am considering taking it down. Releasing the URL is also an option. I really don’t feel that it represents me or my creative endeavors. It is very easy to back burner these thoughts. I’m busy leading a life that doesn’t involve the feeling that I… Continue reading General


Hobbies or Blog?

That’s why I’m never updating this website. I’m too busy writing and working on other projects. I realize that keeping a blog updated is central to being an author, but it doesn’t interest me. I want to tell the stories, not pontificate about them or other topics that I can pull out of thin air.… Continue reading Hobbies or Blog?


Gringo not Latino

There’s no arguing. I am not Latino. I am Scottish/Irish (so says Ancestry’s DNA test). That being said, why did I choose to write a Latinx character, Alexa Hernandez, for my recent novels? Isn’t that cultural appropriation? The first question has a long-ish answer. It begins with my wife. Although, she was my girlfriend when… Continue reading Gringo not Latino

New Alexa Hernandez Novel!

Get it now! The latest installment in the Alexa Hernandez saga is now available on Amazon! Her troubles from Bleeding the Little Lambs have only become more dangerous and complex, and now she has a nosy boss breathing down her neck. Here’s the full description Alexa Hernandez, Knight of the Right Hand, faces more challenges… Continue reading New Alexa Hernandez Novel!


The first Kissaki 2 gold nib

I have been deeply afraid of working with gold nibs as a base for stacking projects. The spectre of melting holes in nibs that cost so much money haunts me. But, you know, you have to do things that scare you or you’ll never move beyond it. What you’re looking at here is my first… Continue reading The first Kissaki 2 gold nib

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Cat Rescue Fail

Since I left my job in April, I’ve been feeding our local feral cat population. That’s also included working on socializing them. This has been a challenge and a joy. One of the cats, Moon (my name for her), was pregnant at the time. I decided that I’d take the kittens to King Street Cats… Continue reading Cat Rescue Fail